VRARAFRICA is a global forum for African "loving" AR/VR/MR players, thus Developers, Start-Ups, Venture Capital firms, Content Creators, Researchers and interested practitioners. The main objective of VRARAFRICA is to enhance a drive towards Africa's efficient adoption and technology Inclusion in the global AR/VR/MR global ecosystem.

Africa has the minds, skills and unique innovation when it comes to AR/VR/MR and AI. The continent's GREATEST challenge is the lack of technological inclusion due to high costs in technology, gadgets, research and licensing fees associated with AR/VR/MR. Apart from the seemingly un-attractive markets for these technologies, the world seems to forget that technology is at its best when it is applied to solving bigger economic and social problems.


Hence, this initiative is the beginning of shortening the umblical cord between Africa and the rest of the world. It is the beginning of enabling collaborations and many other great initiatives that will see Africa enjoy a fair share of participation in this critical frontier in history, the 4th Industrial Revolution.
AR/VR/MR in Africa is beyond gaming, retail and entertainment, it is about making education immersively accessible to township kids who inherit bad school marks because of high rates in Teacher absenteeism. It is about skin disease recognition via AR/AI enabled smartphones in poor rural clinics where the shortage of qualified Specialist Doctors leads to the death of many. More than gaming alone, in Africa AR/VR/MR is about global Mixed Reality collaboration between Doctors Without Borders during Ebola and Cholera Outbreak missions. The list is endless. Where the technology cannot be developed, dialogue should take over.

VRARAFRICA therefore is calling upon any global citizen/organisations with Africa at heart to join this movement. A movement that will also thrive to contribute towards the Industry's standards, empower young African Content Creators, Developers, Project Managers etc with the right skills and data to make Africa an equal player in the immersive and engagement technologies. Anyone, regardless of profession and geography is free to make a contribution to this cause.


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